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Women's Program:  Women of Wisdom Living Full Circle

Do you love your life?
Are you living "the dream?"
Strip away the stories that stand in your way and step into the authentic life you’ve dreamed of!


Women of Wisdom (WoW) coaches and facilitators support women in living their authentic lives through workshops, retreats, coaching and facilitation.  Contact us​ to schedule a complimentary session with a WoW guide to learn more! 

Women of Wisdom Services:

Join the WoW community and find support in a like-minded community of women living authentic, creative lives.

  • Access free teleconferences and webinars 
  • Join our Facebook community
  • Receive news and updates of upcoming events and discount offers.

Workshops and Retreats:

Attend a WoW workshop or retreat​​​​ and re-member your authentic self. 

  • Connect to your life’s purpose, step into leadership, step into the power to bless and support yourself and others, increase your ability to make powerful choices.
  • Open up to emotions and a deeper capacity to love and let love in, claim creativity, listen to the wisdom of your body.
  • Gain perspective, find solutions to problems, understand patterns in your life and transform them, and learn about your relationship with trust.
  • Set and hold healthy boundaries, achieve goals, be in service to self and others.

Check the Upcoming Events page for a list of scheduled retreat and workshops.

​​​Live your authenticity with the support of coaching.

​Integration Package exclusive for Workshop and Retreat Participants:
Designed to support you in integrating choices made during WoW retreats and workshops, this package includes 3 phone coaching sessions with your choice of WoW guides.  Sessions are between 45 and 60 minutes in length and may be scheduled monthly or bi-monthly.  Includes a weekly laser coaching session by email, or 15 minute check-in phone call. 

Coaching Services:

​Full Circle - Re-member Your Authentic Self Package:
A three month journey of exploration into the realm of your “inner wilderness.”  Discover your authentic self, connect to your life’s purpose, open to emotions, listen to the wisdom of your body, gain perspective, understand patterns in your life, and learn about your relationship with self and others.  This package is designed to bring you full circle in re-membering your authentic self.  Previous participation in WoW retreat or workshop not required.   This is a three month commitment with 6 coaching calls and a WoW guide.
Full Circle - Live Your Authentic Life Package:
Stepping into the life you have always dreamed of takes courage and strength.  Our team of Women of Wisdom guides are with you every step of the way offering alternate perspectives, compassionate deep listening, insights and tools to support you on your journey.  Step into power and leadership, claim your creativity, set and hold healthy boundaries, achieve your goals and be in service to your self and others.   
This is a three month commitment with 6 coaching calls and a WoW guide.
(Completion of “Re-member Your Authentic Self” required prior to enrolling in this package.)
Living Full Circle Intensive:
Dive deeply into your process.  Immerse yourself in the wisdom of nature, horse and self.  Join us at Badger Creek Ranch​ located in the Rocky Mountains of Colorado.  Our WoW guides work directly with you individually as you re-member your authentic self and step into your authentic life.  Contact us to discuss an intensive designed exclusively for you.

Women of Wisdom Giving Full Circle:
Women of Wisdom give 3% of all coaching and facilitation fees to a scholarship fund available to assist women who might otherwise be unable to participate in WoW community retreats and coaching.   


 "A retreat that takes your breath away in so many ways.  Life changing experiences in a way you cannot imagine.  I loved every second about it and you will too.  Found joy in every activity, comfortable settings, safe confidentiality, unending support. and mesmerizing views out and in." ~ B. Lebl

"Profoundly healing" is the best way to describe the Women of Wisdom (WoW) retreat. I wasn't sure what to expect, I had never heard of Shadow Work, and I hadn't met any of the facilitators.

Having hit rock bottom physically three years ago, I have since been on an intensive detox and healing journey involving traditions such as Ayurvedic medicine, Chinese acupuncture, Thai massage, energy work, live blood cell analysis, a clean organic diet (free of wheat, caffeine, sugar, canola oil and processed foods), homeopathy, supplements, herbal decoctions, and intense trauma therapy with a licensed social worker. 

While much about my health and wellbeing had improved, I still lacked access to passion and a connection to self. I just lacked "want" – any desire or sense of forward motion in my life. My intuition told me working with horses might help. The WoW retreat exceeded my expectations. 

From Day One, Cris, Chrissy and Natalie fostered a sense of safety – a "container" – which allowed us to be vulnerable and, subsequently, to heal very deeply. Though the schedule was extremely intense and relentless for them, all three remained present and engaged 13-plus hours a day for each of us. They truly listened, they mirrored back when appropriate, and they deferred to the magic of equine-assisted healing work when words and thoughts became too dominant. 

I marveled at the facilitators' fluid ability to share responsibilities, disclose parts of their personal stories, and offer pointed insights when hearing ours. While "the whole" certainly was greater than "the sum of its parts," these women each owned their own power and perspective. They served as unique, individual role models while always remaining human and accessible. 

The horses and other ranch animals – Boo the black lab, Ghost the barn cat, and six chickens, as well as bunnies, badgers and birds – catapulted the power of this experience to a divine level. As someone who lives very much in my head, I appreciated and deeply benefited from my interactions and connections with these creatures over the five days there. I carry home with me a "heartful" of these quiet moments which envelope and buoy me as no words ever could. 

I accepted the facilitators' invitation to be truly vulnerable in the presence of our group. And the women blessed me for it. I felt grounded to Mother Earth and connected to others. While I may not be able to sustain this feeling in the "real world," I believe the experience with Full Circle Farm Growth and Healing will stay with me at a cellular level. That having participated in WoW, I will more easily be able to experience it again and more often. Eventually I hope to remain grounded, authentic, whole and connected in every area of my life – better able to recognize and achieve my life's purpose, and to serve others." ~ C. Powell, Washington, DC

​Shadow Work Through the Way of the Horse


Shadow Work through the Way of the Horse (SWTWH) is a unique, personal growth and healing experience which brings our authentic self into the light with all our strengths and gifts. 

We all have personal stories of pain (hurt) that have caused us to tuck parts of ourselves safely away to avoid experiencing pain again.  Horses are exquisitely gifted by nature to guide us as we traverse the path between our internal and external worlds.  They offer real time feedback through relationship and their ability to embody metaphor.  They willingly journey with us into the territory of shadow to recover the gold of our lost power.

When we choose SWTWH, we choose to embark on our own "Hero's Journey" with the horse as our guide, a journey dedicated to the search for, and rescue of, our authentic selves.  The discovery of our authentic self is the key to loving more fully and living the life of our dreams.

Shadow Work Through the Way of the Horse is a modality we utilize in many of our retreats.  It was envisioned by Chrissy McFarren and created with the assistance of Natalie Allio and Cris Lindsay.